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Complementing the breathtaking backdrop of glistening lakes and majestic mountains, the Roanoke Region of Virginia has created a dynamic business climate that fuels a mix of small and large businesses and industries from health care to advanced manufacturing to finance/insurance/real estate (FIRE) to printing/packaging/converting.

Affordability Increases Profits.
The Roanoke Region long has prospered because of its central location offering affordable access to markets for sales, distribution, and manufacturing operations. The region's lower-than-average business costs, such as power and construction, are more important today than ever.

The Right Sites for the Right Companies.
Sites and buildings are ready for businesses that want to take advantage of the region's excellent business climate. Modern business parks throughout the Roanoke Region are infrastructure and amenity rich.

Incentives to Do Business.
Momentum is gaining in high-tech fields such as life sciences, energy, and mechatronics. World class colleges and universities turn out thousands of graduates, custom train skilled workers, and offer research expertise. An incentive to do business here is the pro-business attitude by governments that eliminates obstacles, accelerates start-ups, and fuels growth.

The Roanoke Region is hard at work to help businesses start, expand, and relocate.

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