January 25, 2016
The voice of Roanoke College on social media is taking over our Twitter account this week.
Topics: twitter
January 19, 2016 ranked the cities with the most smiles across the state.
Topics: honors, lifestyle, salem
January 11, 2016
The co-host of the Danny and Zack Mornin’ Thang show will be the voice of @Get2KnowNoke this week.
Topics: twitter
December 28, 2015
Roanoke native Kirk Dudley will help you usher in 2016 in style on Twitter at @Get2KnowNoke.
Topics: entertainment, twitter
December 23, 2015
LandLopers released its list of travel destinations, and the Roanoke Region is one of the worldwide selections.
Topics: activities, tourism
December 10, 2015
Clark Ruhland will help you learn the lingo of sports and what’s happening in the region this week.
Topics: twitter
November 13, 2015
Byron Lee Hamlar is an active community member with a flair for entrepreneurship.
Topics: twitter
November 09, 2015
Beth Boyd Bell is so into her hometown that she goes by StarCityBeth on Twitter.
Topics: twitter
November 04, 2015
The trip was inspired by the movie “A Walk in the Woods.”
Topics: mcafee, outdoors, tourism
October 30, 2015
Bikers from Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine recently visited the Roanoke Region and rave about our trails and local brews.
Topics: "Mountain Biking", outdoors
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