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The Roanoke Region of Virginia Gives You a Choice.
From cities to suburbs to lakefront living to rural farmland, the Roanoke Region offers it all for a variety of lifestyles. Wherever you land, you're surrounded by the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. You're close to the tranquil waters of Smith Mountain Lake, the James River, and Lake Moomaw. And you're never far from the entertainment, culture, retail, and commerce of the largest metro area in Western Virginia.

Quality of Life is Important.
The outdoors is the region's continuing narrative with the East Coast's best combination of breathtaking venues for water sports, fishing, cycling, climbing, and hiking. Sports also are for spectators -- Virginia Tech Football, Boston Red Sox Single A Baseball, and Bassmasters tournaments televised by ESPN. Indoors you have a ticket to outstanding live performances and cultural attractions such as the new $66 million Taubman Museum of Art.

Closer to home, you'll find excellent schools, safe communities, easy commutes, leading colleges and universities, and affordable housing. All for a cost of living well below the national average.

The Roanoke Region is the best choice for people who want the most out of living.

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