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Cities within 500 miles

Equidistant between New York and Atlanta, the Roanoke Region is centrally located to all major cities in the eastern United States. Advance Auto, Home Shopping Network, Elizabeth Arden, Orvis, and other companies that must get their products to market are located here because of fast and cost-efficient shipping to two-thirds of the U.S. population within a day's truck drive.

Major Cities and Distance from the Roanoke Region


City Distance in Miles
Atlanta, GA 430
Baltimore, MD 281
Charlotte, NC 194
Chicago, IL 722
Detroit, MI 588
Greensboro, NC 105
Indianapolis, IN 531
Knoxville, TN 255
New York, NY 476
Norfolk, VA 245
Philadelphia, PA 403
Raleigh, NC 156
St. Louis, MO 686
Washington, D.C. 251




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