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June 26, 2017
An investment in outdoor assets continues to pay off in ways the entire region can take advantage of.

One of the outdoor assets that’s making news is the Roanoke Region biking community.
  • The Roanoke Outside Foundation creating another event this fall – the GO Cross cyclocross race. Cyclocross can be describe as a bike race in a steeplechase format with riders that hop on and off bicycles while leaping over barriers and sloshing through mud, navigating gravel pits, stairs and barriers. The event is an official USA Cycling race, which will draw professionals from all over the country. What’s nice about cyclocross is that it is entertaining for spectators as well. Plus, title sponsor Deschutes Brewery will be on hand with plenty of tasty brews and the day’s events will also include a beer mile and cross country race. Save the date for Sept. 30-Oct. 1 for this event at Fallon Park.
  • RIDE Solutions recently launched bikesharing in Downtown Roanoke. Bikesharing allows you to check out a bike from stations, ride as long as you want, and return the bike to a same or different station. You can even stop and during a ride, using the included bike lock. (Bikes also have baskets to carry items, but you should bring your own helmet.) Annual memberships are $20 through July 1 and $40 thereafter. Learn more and see how it works.
  • This summer the region is applying for a Silver Level Ride Center designation from the International Mountain Bicycling Association. A designation shows that the Roanoke Region includes an extensive trail network that’s designed for mountain bikers of all skill levels built by professional trail builders and volunteers. The designation is designed to support local stakeholders and land managers in an effort to create destination-style trail systems and can bring economic benefits to the community. Ride Center communities are those that not only have trails to keep mountain bikers happy for four plus days but also the post-ride amenities that help them experience the local community, such as breweries, coffee shops, natural food stores, independent retailers, and music. Learn more.
All of these bicycling milestones and events are part of the region’s efforts to brand us as the Biking Capital of the East Coast. It’s part of a larger outdoor narrative that the Roanoke Regional Partnership and Roanoke Outside Foundation have been promoting for more than five years as a major part of our business attraction strategy.

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